Monday, October 31, 2016

Our Kitchen Reveal

"Part 2"

After a year of renovating we finally arrived here!

Here's a some reference pictures for you!

- faucet - countertops - farmhouse sink - rug - chairs (craigslist) - tablebacksplash tile - 

** fun fact about the cabinet color! I actually wanted to do 'Pigeon' by Farrow&Ball, but I did not have

$100 to spend on paint, and an additional $20-$30 to have it shipped internationally to me, so I ordered

a sample and had it paint matched at home depot, in Behr Premium. I can't even tell you how much joy

I get, walking out of our room every morning, into this lovely quaint kitchen. 

This is what's next, we have been wanting to redo the tile in our kitchen, pretty much since we moved

in. But since the entry, kitchen, dining, and laundry room are all connected. It would be a good chunk

of money and time to redo all of it. So this is the point where desperation could kick in. I've almost

settled for 3 or 4 other tiles. And justify them by "Well, they are kind of what we're looking for, and we

won't live here forever." But I am so glad that we didn't do it. Because we finally found the perfect tile! 

Are you guys ready to be amazed?! SUTHERLANDS!  I mean, Look at these!

I saw these and I was so glad that we waited for the perfect tile. After seeing these, we decided to move

forward with the laundry room renovation as well. Here's what we are planning. We are going to do a

larger version of my brothers laundry room that he designed for his home.

Isn't it amazing?! He worked as a contractor so everything he does is just exquisitely done. And it

doesn't hurt that we're best friends. He'll typically do work for some nutella and dinner. So i'm

definitely good with that!

We'll do the modern shiplap, and the wood waterfall over the washer and dryer. And we will get the 

matching shelf from IKEA, and the wall hangers from there as well! I'll talk more about just the laundry 

room renovation in a couple weeks when we get started. But this is just a little preview.

I have previously claimed that we would NEVER have shiplap in our house, and I'm here to make a

public apology to that affect. Now that i've seen it look really modern and cool, here, and in my friend

Courtney's house. I'm singing a different tune..

We also thought about merging this tile into the laundry room, almost like a puzzle effect.

But I haven't decided if this is too taupe for the more clean, modern look we are going for.

And lastly, I want to spay dye these killer chairs grey.

I'm not sure which of these projects will come first. But feel free to follow along on my instagram story!

I don't know what it is. But there is something truly magical about coming out of our room every

morning having the overwhelming feeling of what we have accomplished here with our own two


Until next time!


  1. Your kitchen looks so bright and beautiful now. I also love the space you opened up by taking the cabinet out over the sink and doing wood framing instead. Also gives it a very modern look. I also love the laundry room idea. I did something similar in mine and love having everything in one place, and having a more designed look.

  2. Your new kitchen looks amazing, and I would not have known the pictures were of the same spot if I had not read your blog. The color scheme of stands out and gives the kitchen a modern look. My favorite part is definitely the new countertops. It is important to have a style that makes you happy whenever you enter the kitchen.