Monday, October 3, 2016

Housewifery Tips Pt. 4

Have Products You Love
"Fresh Wave"

I was so thrilled to work together with Fresh Wave on a blog post. I think a pitfall that we can

all slip into, is getting complacent. Wether that is with your job, or your cleaning routine, or even the

products that we buy. As for me, I noticed that even after I was away from my mom's house. I still

bought all of the same products that she did! And never questioned it once! 

So In the last few months I have really tried to be intentional about that products that I buy. Are they

natural? Do I like the way they look? How do the smells go in our house? 

So let's get to it! Here are some thing that i've been trying from Fresh Wave.

 All of the things that were sent to me were specifically to help with pet odor. So I was really curious to

see how it would do in our house. The first thing I tried was their Odor Removing Spray. And I

LOVED this stuff! I sprayed it EVERYWHERE! I sprayed it in our closet, on our rugs, just in the

middle of the room, and I even tried it on the couch! I wish I could send a spray sample through my

computer to all of you. It reminds me of a mix between citrus and essential oils, its soooo good!

There is this little spot of our couch that Copper likes to go and nuzzle into. And because he is so

blasted cute, we let him. But not only does he nuzzle, that also happens to be his bathing area. And

where he takes his treats, AND where he takes his toys to chew on. You get it, it's basically his happy

place. Now of course I clean this cushion constantly, but I am always self conscious that someone is

going to come over and sit on our couch and then leave, and tell whoever they were in the car with,

"Oh my gosh, did you smell their couch?! It smells like Chihuaua butt. "Crazy, I know, but these are

the things I think about. So I tried this stuff on the couch, and to my surprise, it worked! 30min before

we had company arrive, I went and did a few sprays on his 'special' cushion, and it smelled great for

hours! Now I can imagine they left and thought, "Wow, that house smelled just delightful!"

The second thing that I tried was there Odor Removing Gel, I did like this right off because it is small

and easy to conceal, so you don't have to look like you are trying to hard to make your home smell

nice. I mean I love candles, and room spray too guys, but after a certain point, it may just look like your

hiding something. ("Man, those people have like 3 candles in every room, and scent boosters, AND

room spray. Sheesh, they must be dirty.") I tried it in our bedroom and honestly was a little

disappointed, because after the first day, I couldn't even smell it anymore. So I moved it into a smaller

space, aka our small damp hall closet. and it did a great job! The closet within one day went from, "Oh

I hope no one ever opens that door.." to, "I hope no one sees how messy that closet is…but at least it

smells good!"

Thirdly, I tried the Odor Removing Packs! These things are AWESOME! They are so small, you can

literally fit them anywhere. And so inconspicuously! They can go in cars, shoes, backpacks, purses,

and in your drawers! I even gave some to some friends, and everyone really liked them! 

And lastly, the pup shampoo. So I got a great story about this one. Let me set up the scene for you,

wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning. Drink some coffee, do a little Pinterest, have a little down

time, and then have the brilliant idea to give your sweet little Angel Pup a bath. 

Their stuff has such a lovely distinct smell. I can't even explain it! Not to mention, its all natural. So I 

felt more than comfortable putting this on Copper, and my moms dogs. 

(Don't let their faces fool you, I kept the water at a perfect temperature, and sang to them almost the whole time!)

Justin and I were raving to my parents who dropped by with their dogs, how amazing this stuff smelled,

and how we loved that it came in a dog shampoo! So my mom put her pup, Penni in there for a little

spritz as well! About 30 min later we let Copper out for a little morning constitutional, and started in on

our Trader Joes, gluten free pumpkin pancakes. Feeling pretty accomplished, and then I'm stopped by

this really terrible smell…"Justin, do you smell that? What is that?" I look down, and there's the little

Prince, covered head to torso in fresh poop. So. not. kidding. I'm talking, in his ears, all over his face,

his collar, his neck. The whole shebang!

So, guess who got another bath?! 

The funny thing was, my mothers dogs did not have this affect at all! But for whatever reason, Copper

maybe felt like he didn't want to smell like his Sister-Aunts (aka my moms dogs). But after the second

bath, he was perfectly fine. I'd argue to say that he even got some overtime cuddles just for smelling so

dang good! 

Overall, I really liked the Fresh Wave products! I will definitely buy them again. And I really can't wait

to try some other new things they have! And it's even better that they sell their products at Target! Not

to brag, but I pretty much frequent that place on an daily basis. 

What are some of your favorite house products- And why? I'd love to hear!

***All of these opinions are my own, I have not been paid to post about any of these products. 

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