Friday, October 7, 2016

Housewifery Tips Pt. 5

"Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe"

So, after almost a year of staying home, I have realized the freedom of not 'Keeping up with the Jones' '

so to speak. I've basically been wearing a capsule wardrobe without even realizing it! Because when

you're not seeing people every single day, what's the point?! I have definitely felt less of a need to be

constantly shopping. Which was definitely a problem that I had. I was one of those people that had a

really hard time leaving a store without something. And now that we live in a 1,200 sq. ft. home. And I

am here all day. I've noticed that the need for clothes has gone down considerably. Or as Carrie

Bradshaw put it, "I've been cheating on fashion, with furniture."

So, that got me to thinking. Maybe I should just go all out and really do the Capsule Wardrobe thing.

So basically buying a smaller amount clothes that you LOVE. Instead of a closet packed with clothes

you have had for years and never wear. You can read a lot about this in the book, Lessons from

Madame Chic. One of my favorite books, that I feel that I am constantly referencing in my everyday

life (you can get it here). So let's get to it. 

What do I want for my fall/winter Capsule wardrobe? Here's where we are at right now. It's early

October in Tulsa, which means it could continue in the 80's until mid to late October. So I'll still be

wearing out some of my summer things just a little longer. So my closet will still be a little crowded for

another month or so. I'm just doing this now to help you get started! Right, so obviously I need my style

words. I'm going for Versatile/Comfy/Vintage (or Retro).

So the clothes that I buy/keep have to fit inside of those three words. And if they don't, then I can't keep

them. Here is what I have so far.


Madewell Crop Top, these were in my summer wardrobe, and are coming with me all year. I am so in 

love with these tops. They are PERFECTLY made, and the exact right cut, and length for a crop top. 

They go with all pairs of my high-waisted pants. And exactly perfect over my anthro jumper, as well as 

my skirts! And I also have one in white, but it got a stain on it that i'm determined to get out.

This was actually a long sleeve chambray that I got from Target a couple years ago, that I turned into a

sleevless one. And it is perfect for every season. It goes great under sweaters for layering in the


This one I got from Gap last year, and it is also great under sweaters, or tied up over dresses, or even on

its own. And I love that the back is longer than the front. It really dresses up a pair of work out pants.

For that night you have to run to the store, but just really don't wanna put on pants.

This is an oldie, but goodie! I got this from Modcloth 3 years ago. And this bad boy is still going

strong! I love the blousing at the bottom, It's also perfect under sweaters, but also tucks well into skirts!

Another Modcloth find, a button up made out of the softest knit fabric ever. Its funny because I also 

bought this a few years ago, and it seriously went unworn for maybe 2 years. Because up until a couple 

months ago, I really wouldn't have considered myself a "button up person" (I don't really know what a 

button up person is, but I was sure that wasn't me..) Until I put one on and thought, "What was I 

thinking, I look fabulous." So I've been patting my past self on the back for this one. 

Way to go 21yr old Kaylan!

This top is from Anthropologie's sale rack last spring. And It's another perfect year-round top. I used to

be self conscious of wearing sleeveless tops in the summer, because I didn't think my arms were toned

enough, and then remembered to get over myself, and now I love it! 


I have 2 pairs of pants, a black, and denim pair of the BDG Twig High-Rish Skinny jeans from Urban

Outfitters. Not trying to be dramatic, these pants are life. I am seriously so taken with these. And let's

take a second and just ask the question no one is asking. WHY on earth did we ever stray away from

high-waisted pants?! Classy, no butt crack, flattering, no need for the "fat girl sit" (You all know what

I'm talking about. You sit down, and have to pull the front of your pants over the little pudge that comes

out. We all got it Ladies.) Everytime I wear these pants, I picture myself before, like an info-mercial. A

black and white frame of me all uncomfortable, with my old pants bending over, and trying to sit. And

then all of the sudden I'm wearing these, and i'm in color, and so happy. 

Seriously I cannot stress enough. You NEED these!


So, after a long stint of Mad Men, and A LOT of research into the origin of 1950's housewifery. I could

not help but be drawn to the amazing flare of some vintage pieces. And this Etsy store, Gold Canary 

Vintage, is Where It Is At! I have followed this store for a little over a year now. And I can seriously

just look at her shop. All of the clothes are so beautiful. And amazingly priced. And they are from

Englad. So you're not just getting something timeless and vintage. You're also getting something that

some groovy chick wore at the turn of the century! Yes Please!

By the way, I've also partnered up with Gold Canary Vintage, to get you 10% off any purchase, with

this discount code HIVE10 ! Guys, jump on this. Her stuff is so classic! And don't forget to message or email me

if you buy something. I'd love to see it!

This I got from J.Crew a couple years ago, and it only fit me for a season. I recently got it taken in, and

now I can wear it again! And I could wear it almost everyday. I think everyone should have a black

skirt. It's such a solid staple!


I just bought this a couple days ago at Loft, they were having a huge 40% off all sweaters and tops sale,

and I jumped on it! I really loved the slight bell sleeves that it had, and its cashmere! I feel like such an

adult just typing that I have something Cashmere..

I love this sweater. I got it from Anthropologie as well last year, and it is one of my fav year round

pieces! Well, most of the year, it'll be good for a couple more weeks, and then to the Spring pile it goes!

But I'm definitely making it last as long as possible!

This classic is from Gap last spring. I got it for a great price, and I love it! This one kind of borders on

being a crop sweater, so its fun to wear things under it!

This sweater I actually got at Jo&June's here in Tulsa. She gets the greatest most random vintage, and

retro items. Including clothes! I think I got it for $12!

This one I also got from Gap, the same time I got the other grey sweater, it's nice to have a simple



Ok, so this is where it gets fun. Dresses are my FAV! All of my other clothing tends to be black, grey,

or white. Which I love. But dresses are where I like to bring in the flare. So here they are!

I absolutely love this dress! I got this on sale on Modcloth also, and the funny thing was it got terrible

reviews, but I was just so taken with the fabric, I didn't even care. And it was only $30 bucks, so I

decided to go for it, and I am so glad. I really really love this dress.

This dress is actually a spaghetti top, which works perfect for fall, because then you can layer on top of

it! Although, the bottom not only is silk, but also has knee high slits in the side, so it only has a couple

good weeks of wear left as well.

Ok, this dress has my heart. Not only do I look like a 1950's housewife to the max. But I got this dress

3 years ago in a vintage shop in PARIS! The funny thing was, it actually did not fit me when I got it.

But it was only $10, and it was in perfect condition. So I had to. And now that it fits, I am in LOVE!

So, my sister in law actually gave me this dress. And I stinking love it. The colors, the cut. All of it! I

am going to make it just below knee length. So I'm showing you the "before" now. I can't wait to wear

it with black stockings, and my high heel clogs.

(Heart eyes, am I right!?)

Right, I know what you are thinking. Yes, I do have a "thing" for vintage florals. But I can't help it, I

just love them! I actually bought this at Salvation Army to use as fabric. And then the second I tried it

on, I knew that there was no way I could not keep it. Although….those sleeves. I am definitely taking

off the sleeves. I'll do it as a cap sleeve dress, and then wear it with sweaters until its too cold.

This groovy thing I for from Urban Outfitters. It has large slits on the side as well, and this one I love

wearing with my platform sneakers. Another thing I'm really into lately. I'm 5'4 (and a half!) so I really

love the extra height! I also love the 90's vibe from this one. Also great with sweaters.

I got this sweet dress from Urban Outfitters last year, and I really love this dress. Plain and simple!

And the best for last! I saved and saved for this fabulous jumper from Anthropologie this Spring. And it

has continued to be my favorite thing in my closet! It is wonderful with crop tops, and sweaters. And

even duster sweaters! I love love love it!!

(Pictured: Gap sweater, old Modcloth party dress)

Something to keep in mind. Just find clothes that fit your body type. I have a small waist, but larger

thighs. So that's why I love my high waisted pants. And I've always had a weird thing with my knees,

so I tend to lean toward longer skirts and dresses. Because that's what makes me feel confident!

I can honestly say for the first time in the last 9 years that I am 5'5 and weigh 145 pounds. And feel

great about myself! Love your clothes, but don't let them make you feel bad about yourself. Wear what

makes you happy!

 I hope someone somewhere got something out of this. I really love the freedom of having fewer

clothes in my wardrobe. Since I have done this, i've had no experience of looking in my closet and

feeling like I had nothing to wear. And I love it! I'll do a separate post on shoes, and coats, and fun

extras like party dresses. 

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  1. Love your choices! I also love your analogy of you sitting in an infomercial in black and white before you got your high waisted jeans! Hahaha!