Thursday, August 11, 2016

Let's Be Real

So, a few months back, I read a blog post by HGTV designer, Emily Henderson (Projects in My Own 

Home). And she basically committed an entire post to detailing all of the things in her house that had

yet to be done. And it was so inspiring! I mean, its so easy to see a picture of someone's house and

 think "ugh, my house will never look like that." But we all have things in our house that will never be

"done". I wish I knew why, either because they are out of sight out of mind, or because we think they

are too time consuming to bother with, whatever it is. I know everyone's homes have them.

Here are some of mine.

So, last week, we decided to switch our joined office and bedroom; which I couldn't be happier about.

However, since we never lived back here we didn't really mind the curtains that have been back here

since we moved in. Well, me trying to be proactive, I measured the windows in my kitchen, imagining

that they were probably the same length as the ones in the back room, and messaged my mom and dad

while they were in Dallas to ask if they could pick me up some Ikea blinds. So when mom and dad got

back with our new blinds, the one on the far right was 10" too small-- pretty significant difference. So

until we make the trek back out to another Ikea, this is what we're dealing with. One black curtain on

half of a curtain rod. I'm shaking my head at myself, believe me.

Please don't ask me why..I wish I knew the reason that the previous owners not only caulked, but freely

painted all over the windows and never scraped it off. IN EVERY ROOM! I've been scraping at them

little by little for months, and it has barely made a dent..Until by happy mistake, I discovered that you

can get some "goof off" from Home Depot, for less than $10, put it on a nasty old sponge and wipe off

your windows, and voila! My mom did the ones in my living room for me, and it took her 8 hours. So

basically, we have not attacked these ones yet..

Now, this you can judge me for. We laid our own vinyl flooring, (a complete mistake..for another

time) and I think we just ran out of gusto by the time it was time to finish all of the thresholds…ick

I'm pretty confident that they will get done one of these days, hopefully.

Oye, the ceiling disaster of 2015.. So about a week after closing, we attacked the interior painting, and

since the ceilings were already white, we decided to not paint them. I mean, if you don't "have" to paint

the ceilings, why would you? Well, day 2 into painting I walk into the living room and my blessed

mother is putting a "test swatch" on the ceiling………….(you're lucky you're my favorite person

mother..) Long story short, we had to paint the entire ceiling. So by the time we got to the bedroom, I

told everyone "We are not painting the ceiling! So be careful when you reach the top of the walls with

your roller." (Of course we could have just taped, but taping is for people with patience, which we are

not.) Well, about a month later when we took down the ceiling fan to replace with our new Urban

Outfitters light, we discovered a beautiful white ring around the base of where the ceiling fan had been.

We have to paint the ceiling.

So here's probably the most hated thing in our house that we haven't finished yet. When deciding on

our flooring, we really wanted a light wood floor. And every other Pergo or real wood was either too

expensive, or not the right shade of wood. So we decided that we would use vinyl! (a whole post

will be dedicated to "Our Vinyl Disaster") Terrible mistake for two reasons:

1. Vinyl is cheap.
2. They discontinued this color before we were finished.

And I am so not kidding. So that is how we got here. This is in front of our bedroom closets. It's like

looking at the middle of a cut onion. You can see all of the layers of failure.
             -Old laminate tile
   -Tack strip
      -Ccarpet pad

Just wait, one of these days i'll blow your socks off with the most clever way to fix this. I haven't

figured it out yet. But it's coming.

And lastly, "The Cabinet Crack Heard 'Round the World."

Did you know that if you offer to remove your old countertops, it saves you money when Home Depot

comes to install your new ones? Well, neither did I, and I'm all about saving a buck or two. So I called

in reinforcements, aka my brother. And as he was ripping off the part of the countertop that goes onto

the wall, he accidentally cracked our cabinet. And for whatever unknown reason, the unbelievably

advanced military grade adhesive they used on these countertops will NOT come off! Apparently they

did not want these removed, ever. Alas, they were hideous, so what's a girl to do?

So after many attempts to sand, dremel, chip, and otherwise curse this blasted adhesive, we've arrived


(look at this pathetic attempt to cover it up, you're fooling no one, cutting board.)

Here's a fun one that greets you the second you walk in the door. Our exposed doorbell cover. It got

taken down the first week we moved in while we were painting, and has never been replaced.  

And many many more. I hope this helps to enlighten you on the realities of owning your own home.

One thing i've learned is, we are all in the same boat. It's not worth it to constantly be bombarding

people with explanations for why your home is not perfect the second they walk into every room. If

anything, it makes people feel more at home to know that our homes, and lives are not as perfect as

they seem on instagram.

What are some things in your home that are waiting to be done? Know, you are not alone!


  1. Love this Kaylan! I think some of that military grade adhesive was used over at our house, too. Sheesh!!

  2. Oh man this was such a wonderful encouragement! My husband and I bought our first home in January and have been renovating the house and cleaning up the 2 1/2 acres it's on ever since. There are so many things we want to do/are saving many for that it's hard to be patient. Thank you for the encouragement that not every person who writes a blog had it all together just a few days after buying �� We were delirious about our time schedule haha

    1. Haha, oh my gosh I hear you! Justin keeps telling me to make a master list of what I still want to get done. Because otherwise he feels like I'm telling him a new thing everyday! Thanks for commenting that you're in the same boat! Always good to know I've got a fellow Renovation sister out there somewhere!

  3. Very motivating. So motivating, in fact, that my wife handed me a list of all the things in the house that need attention. Sometimes we need to remember that all we see is what is right in front of the camera lens. We don't see the chaos behind the camera itself. No home is perfect, whether old or new. Now on to installing new gutters!