Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Green Bathroom

So I've already shown you our Pink Bathroom, and the plans to renovate it. So I thought I would share 

our Green Bathroom as well! 

This is also the original tile, so we are keeping it as well. Luckily, it's a little easier to work with than

the pink. And also lucky, this bathroom is just a tiny thing, its only a 4x4. Maybe even a touch smaller.

Back in October when we were purchasing this house, it had come back on the inspections that this

bathroom was fine, but the sink was not bolted down… Yeah.

 So we've never really been able to use this sink, it's just kind of 'there'. 

And by happy blessing, Justin and I are FINALLY getting ready to be able to tackle a little bit of both 

bathrooms! So I decided to get a mood board, and game plan into action. 

Here's what we're thinking!

glass shelf-  IKEA $14
sink- IKEA $100
faucet- IKEA$79
Picture- Jo&June $14
Light fixture- Home Depot $35
Hexagon tile- Home Depot $11/sq. ft.
Baskets- Target $29 ea.

So, I am trying to keep with the initial theme of "Modern Bohemian" in here as well. We will have to 

rip out the small medicine cabinet, and replace it with the IKEA mirror, and rip out the existing tile 

and replace with the hexagon tile. Which I have been assured by my mom is "so easy!". And lastly, we

will take out the track lighting and put it into our walk-in pantry (waste not, want not).  I'm also 

looking for a small pattern rug to put in here, something really colorful. So of course, i'll probably be 

going to Jo&June's to look for one, they always have such great stuff! 

But, the thing I am most excited about in this bathroom, is the DIY pedestal sink! My brother and I are 

going to see if we can recreate one for less than $100. I love the idea of having open storage under the 

sink, I think the only thing that we will change is the thickness of the top, since we are doing a top 

mounted sink. We'll see how that goes. 

I'm also working on a DIY for some towel holders, so that's coming soon also! 

So, here goes nothing. Wish us luck!

(Also, If you're looking to see any behind the scenes, be sure to follow me on snap chat: ourlittlehive)

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