Saturday, May 14, 2016

rugs, rugs, rugs!

Rugs are literally my favorite decor item for any room. Everytime that I think, "What is this space in need of?" 99.9% of the time, the answer is, a killer rug! Its the difference between "hm, cute room." to "Wow what a great space!" Trust me. 

So, here they are, my favorite rugs. 

livingroom rug- Esalerugs $199 (new buyer, 35% off first purchase)

Kitchen Rug- Ecarpetgallery $84  (1/2 off sale!)

Bathroom Rug- Ecarpetgallery $74 (1/2 off sale!)

Enrty Way Kilim Rug- Jo&June $80 (black friday sale)

Office Rug- At Home $80  (outdoor rug, on sale! They are so much cheaper! and dirt doesn't stick to them!)

Total $517

  • Wait for a sale! Every online store in history has a sale. And both ECarpetgallery, and Esalerugs have them constantly! Especially if you subscribe!
  • Read reviews! Make sure in reviews that the shipping time is accurate and adequate. And some may have included pictures! I thought my kitchen rug was going to be red, and when it came it was pink! Luckily it ended up being a great surprise!
  • Type in their hashtag on instagram and see what people think! Most businesses nowadays have some sort of social media page for their site. Ecarpetgallery does, and its actually a fun account to follow!
  • wait for the right one! I know that it can feel like your room seems unfinished, and disconnected without a rug, but it's always better to wait for the right one, then to spend money and have one now, then to wait, save, and get the "right" one. 
  • know the size you need. Make sure that you get one that is big enough! Pinterest is filled with articles, pictures and blog posts about how to get the right rug size for your room. Sometimes a room can look worse if it has a rug with the wrong size as opposed to none at all.
  • make sure that they will go with your room even if you were to change it. Most every room I was torn between 2 colors (example, the kitchen: green/dark grey  the bathroom: white/light grey  the office: stained or painted concrete/wood floors.) So that way, even if you were to later on change the room color or vibe, you would not have to start all over with the rug. 
  • buy ones that can go in multiple places, it will  keep them around much longer. (both runners could be switched, or placed in the laundry room, in the hallway, or at the foot of the bed in the bedroom.) (the living room rug could go in the bedroom, or the office.) (the office rug could go in the bedroom, or a future covered patio. It's white, so I could also someday put a smaller colored rug on top of it.)  (the desk rug could be used in a smaller bathroom, in front of the washer and dryer or in front of the back patio door.) 

I hope this post helps you with your future rug purchases!
Happy Rug Hunting!

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