Monday, April 11, 2016

My Style tips

So, before I style any room, I try and think of these things:

What are my 1 to 2 centerpieces?

So typically when I am picking out a "centerpiece" for a room, it tends to be something I feel would 

draw instant attraction. For example, in my living room, it was my West Elm Chandelier. I knew that 

since we had vaulted ceilings, and white walls, we could really do something big for our light fixture. 

The next centerpiece that I decided on was our rug. So I knew that I wanted to go with the persian 

style, (but not the persian price...) So I found this bad boy on, and it was worth every 


What are my style words?

Modern (because of the light fixture) & Traditional/Bohemian (because of the rug)

So now, everything that I buy has to fit into those words. 

Coffee Table- Modern

Ottoman- Bohemian

Pillows- Bohemian


Blue Chair- Modern  (old ORU chair from Goodwill $25)

Seagull Painting- Modern  (Retro Den Painting $60)

Nature Painting- Traditional  (Vintage ---stolen from my mother's house..)

Plants- Bohemian  (Southwood Nursery $25 each)

CP70 Piano- Modern  (Craigslist $500)

Grey Sectional- Traditional (Craigslist $750)

Juke Box- Mid-Century (Craigslist $150---I kid you not!)

Double Decker Side Table/ Desk Lamp on Piano- Mid-Century (Retro Den $25 each)

Wicker Bull Head- Bohemian(otherwise known as "Beau, the bull")  (Jo & June $--traded)

(also, we have also incorporated a touch of Mid-Century pieces to help merge some of the harsh

modern lines, with the more traditional style. keep that in mind for your two words. There may be some

wiggle room in purchases as long as it connects the two!)

And just some last little tid-bits

-Never pay full price for anything! Wait for things to go on clearance if possible.

- If you are an Etsy seller, it never hurts to see if a fellow local maker is interested in a trade.

- Try and buy plants when they are babies, they're cheaper! And its fun to watch them grow! (Kirk the fiddle leaf is a year old! He looked like a little cabbage when we met!)

- ALWAYS Be checking your local Craigslist adds, and local thrift shops, odds are one of them will have something you are looking for.

- At Retro Den, if you take a picture at their store and post it with their hashtag, you get a discount.
- No joke!

-West Elm does 20% off their lighting section 2 or 3 times a year.

- Become a subscriber online  to stores that you like, and start saving things to a wish list, most places will email you when things go on sale.

I hope these tips help you style your rooms. Let me know if you have any questions, or are wanting to

inquire about any other decor in my home that I didn't already share!


  1. Love it Kaylan! I never thought of having words to define my style and filter every decision through…I'm going to work on that!

  2. Love❤️LOVE the style combinations and simplicity in which brought things together.

  3. Thanks Jody! I really appreciate that!