Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Living room Before & After

As a fun introduction to this blog, I figured since my whole brand of "Our Own Little Hive"

revolves around, well..our hive, I thought we could start with the first impressions of our home! 

Here is what it looked like on the Zillow listing when we found it! 

We will be starting with the living room renovation! --since that's basically the only room in the house 

even remotely close to being "done"

Those windows, right?! So we knew early on that we had some "definitely's" on our list. As in, we 

HAVE to have these things before purchasing!

- windows, windows, windows
- open floor plan (or the ability to make an open floor plan.)
- indoor laundry room
- kitchen open to the living room

I can still remember walking into this house, it was the third one that we saw. And we knew 

immediately, this is the one! I walked in, and I could see it.. All of it, I could see the beautiful white 

walls, the new light fixtures, the open kitchen, oh the instagram-able possibilities! (And how about that 

load bearing pole in the middle of the room? So eclectic..)

 (Below are the during photos. Definitely not instagram-able…. But, lets be real.)

First things first, time to rip up the carpet! Within 12hours of owning the house, my mom, dad, brother, 

and Justin and I had all of the carpet pulled!

Rolling up all of the padding underneath. 

And of course the tack strip. That is what took the longest.

And just to "keep it real", i'm here to tell you, that was the fastest any of the projects went from there

on out. For the next 2 weeks, we were then living in our shoes, from the time we woke up, until we 

went to bed, till the. Otherwise we were dealing with black feet, and the possibility of stepping on 

nails, or staples. Yikes!

So here is a little glimpse of living life in a renovation. 

Yep, totally drying our clothes on our work ladder..classy, right?

After a couple weeks of living like this, we finally were able to move in our couch! Glory, Glory!

We also finally changed out that bland ceiling fan with an AMAZING light fixture from West Elm. 

(October 18th.)

Hooray! Check out Kirk the tree, making his debut!

Then slowly but surely we made it from there to here. 
(October 28th)

And then to here, where we are today. 
(Today, April 6th)

Thanks, for reading! I'm so excited to share this journey with you! 


  1. Looks so good! You guys did a great job!

    1. Thanks Sallie, it was definitely a lot of work!

  2. Instant Equity! You guys are awesome! Good work!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Glad you finally got to see it!

  3. Love love love love love love love